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A-1 Quality Glass: Repair Service for Rock Chips

Windshield repair service from A-1 Quality Glass is a great way to extend the life of your vehicle's windshield. In many insurance cases, you can get your windshield repaired AT NO COST. Insurance companies understand that windshield repairs are a proven solution to minor windshield damage and will often waive your deductible in favor of a windshield repair as opposed to a complete replacement.

Rock Chip Repair For Windshields



Road debris, hail, ice...there are so many things that batter your vehicle every year. Most damage of this sort affects only the outer layers of laminated glass in your vehicle's windshield. These chips and small cracks are easily repaired.


Free Mobile Service in Southeastern IL & Western IN

A-1 Quality Glass offers FREE mobile windshield repair service to a wide range of cities in Southeastern Illinois and Western Indiana including: Flora, Clay City, Noble, Olney, Newton, Robinson, Claremont, West Salem, Cisne, Wayne City, Mt. Carmel, Allendale, Grayville, Albion, Carmi, Effingham, Louisville, Illinois and Vincennes, Indiana to name just a few. Our service area also includes all communities in the following counties:

In Illinois: Clay, Crawford, Edwards, Franklin, Hamilton, Jasper, Jefferson, Lawrence, Marion, Richland, Saline, Wabash, Wayne, White and Williamsons
In Indiana: Gibson and Knox


Rock Chips
Different Types of Rock Chip Damage in Windshields

Our Work is Guaranteed

All windshield repairs are guaranteed to maintain integrity for years. Should a problem occur, we will credit your windshield replacement by the amount of the failed repair.


Plan on filing an insurance claim?

A-1 Quality Glass can handle all of your insurance billing for you. Just make one call to us and we can handle the claim for you. If you choose to make the claim yourself, make sure to tell your insurance company you want A-1 Quality Glass to do your repair or replacement work. We are a participant in most of the insurance companies' auto glass networks.




Not all windshield damage is repairable. Cracks exceeding 6 inches and chips that completely penetrate all laminated glass layers have already caused irreparable damage to the glass and cannot be repaired. Since a windshield repair will not completely disappear (the repair will improve the view through your glass by around 70%, but is visible), A-1 Quality Glass recommends a windshield replacement for damage directly in the driver's line of sight.

A-1 Quality Glass also replaces side door and other auto glass for cars, trucks, farm equipment and other vehicles.

Windshield Damage
When Windshield Damage Is Too Great For Repair


Seal of the State of Illinois

In the state of Illinois, it is your right as the insured to choose the business that performs your auto glass replacement.

It is unlawful for an insurance company to steer you towards a given shop or to tell you that a certain shop is "unqualified" to perform the replacement.


Seal of Approval

To ensure a safe, quality glass installation, all the technicians at A-1 Quality Glass are safety certified in all materials used. We further our commitment to quality by assigning two glass installers for all auto glass, residential glass and commercial glass installations.